Bad news

for changemakers

Good news!!

for changemakers

Wars, famines, pandemics, natural disasters, climate change, misinformation, violent conflicts, corruption, abuse.

Especially for change makers, depression and hopelessness are perfectly reasonable reactions to the current state of the world.

However, burnout and depression are not particularly helpful when it comes to creating a better world.

Yet how do you take care of yourself when there are so many other and more important things to do? While people rely on you for support? How do you take time off to recover and enjoy your unearned privileges while others keep having nothing and suffering?

POSITPROP! provides positive inputs on why you not only can, but have to take good care of yourself. Why it's crucial to relax, take time out, pamper yourself and enjoy life. You're not a machine, you're a fragile, emotional ape on a mission. And that' s freaking hard.

So stick with us and annoy your inner naysayer with POSITPROP!

Stop burning out.

Keep changing.

All is not lost.

F*** Perfection – we all fail

success stories are often made up stories. in reality almost nobody sails through life. 

«People learn from your mistakes, your vulnerability is not only strong, but it encourages others that it's ok to fall down!»

«None of us truly have it together, we've all got stuff going on in our personal and professional lives. We need to be more open about this.»

Source: George David Hodgson on LinkedIn.

«Too many environmental activists underestimate the resilience of humankind. Cynicism can become a self-fulfilling prophecy–a nocebo that paralyses us with despair, while temperatures climb unabated.»

«The climate movement, too, could use a new realism. There’s a failure to recognise that not only problems but also solutions can grow exponentially. There’s no guarantee they will – but they can.»

Source: Bregman, R. (2020). Humankind: A Hopeful History 

not every light you see at the end of a tunnel belongs to a train.

stop mobbing yourself!

Grow up instead and  make good use of your unearned privileges. 

Having a bad conscience is a great driver for change. It's also a great reason for self-hate and auto-sabotage though.

In order to become a change maker, your anger and sense of unearned privilege may have been helpful. In order to stay a campaigner, advocate or activist for long though you need to grow out of the childish assumption that the world takes your random luck personally or that you owe anyone for your privilege personally.

You didn't pick to be born the way you were. You chose to help though. So stop picking on yourself and use your energy wisely. Make good use of the ressources around you. It's far more helpful than your never ending self-mortification.

Source: Christian Hansen, author of this blog

«When we hole up in our own trenches, we lose sight of reality. We’re lured into thinking that a small, hate-mongering minority reflects all humankind. Like the handful of anonymous internet trolls that are responsible for almost all the vitriol on Twitter and Facebook.»

Source: Bregman, R. (2020). Humankind: A Hopeful History 

most people aren't assholes!

(more likely They are as lonely, insecure and goodhearted as you are.)


Many people who help tend to put themselves second to others. That's okay from time to time but really unhealthy on a constant basis.

If you struggle to decide for yourself when it is time to say «stop» and rest, think of yourself as a good friend who asks for advice. Seriously: try as hard as you can to imagine you were your best friend.

People who care a lot about others aren't necessarily good at taking care of themselves. But if you're good at figuring out what other people need to stay or get healthy, you should have the same attention from yourself. 

And if you don't give it to yourself naturally, it might be helpful to give it to your best (imaginary) friend. 

Source: Christian Hansen, author of this blog

i just started this as a side project.

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